Nina Berman

Documentary photographer
robert taylor
Location: New York City
Nationality: American
Biography: Nina Berman is a documentary photographer, author and educator, whose photographs and videos have been exhibited at more than 100 international venues including the Whitney Museum of American Art Biennial, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, the... read on
Public Story
robert taylor
Credits: nina berman
Updated: 11/02/16
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The Robert Taylor Homes were the largest public housing project in the USA stretching two miles along Chicago's South Side and housing 27,000 people.  They were the single most segregated and concentrated track of urban poverty in the nation. Inspired by the urban utopian designs of architect Le Corbusier, the Taylor homes became a symbol of failed urban housing policy and architecture.  Neglected and defunded by the city's  Housing Authority, taken over by warring gangs,  Chicago deemed the Taylor homes too broken to fix and destroyed them all, leaving the residents to scatter.  

By Nina Berman —

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