Nina Berman

Documentary photographer
Obama train
Location: New York City
Nationality: American
Biography: Nina Berman is a documentary photographer, author and educator, whose photographs and videos have been exhibited at more than 100 international venues including the Whitney Museum of American Art Biennial, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, the... read on
Public Story
Obama train
Credits: nina berman
Updated: 10/01/16
Location: USA
In 2009, newly elected President Barack Obama traveled by train from
Philadelphia to his historic inaguration in Washington D.C.  Traveling
on board, I thought of photographer Paul Fusco's famous RFK funeral
train images.   The RFK train moved slowly as thousands stood, some 
crying,  to pay their respect to the murdered senator. The Obama train
sped by in a blur so that those outside, standing, waving and waiting,
saw not the new president, but only a speeding train.   Photographing
through sealed windows,  I considered the connections between
the generation that lost the anti-war candidate Robert Kennedy in
1968 and the generation that elected Barack Obama, the first
African-American president. 


Ray 2012, "Making History,"  Frankfurt, Germany, 2012

IUFM Confluences, "US Today After," Lyon, France, 2010


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