Visura.co — a place where quality and diverse visual stories matter. The Visura platform empowers visual storytellers and cause-organizations with tools to build websites, manage their online presence without compromising the value of their work, and share their stories with media professionals and the public at large from one central place. Visura is also a resource for newsrooms to discover world-class visual content.

Using technology, publishing and a career development program, Visura's mission is to increase the quality, value, and diversity of the professional content and talent found online today.
Our story
Adriana and Graham first conceived Visura at their home in Brooklyn, New York, in 2008. After completing an education in anthropology and photography, Adriana aspired to become a curator and publisher. A self-taught UI/UX designer Graham completed a Bachelor degree in Business and Economics with a post-graduate degree in photojournalism. They agreed that there needed to be a central platform that empowered professional visual storytellers worldwide. So, they joined forces.

In 2016, they launched Visura.co, a new alternative proprietary independent platform with an economic infrastructure that values content over format and medium. The mission is to elevate the media language by empowering visual storytellers, media publications, and cause organizations worldwide.

"Our hope is to offer a curated diverse media-database and network as an alternative to the traditional agency model and wire services, which produce content and sell to distribution networks. We work to achieve this without jeopardizing the value of the content or talent found online today. In other words, Visura offers a scalable software solution that fosters professional skill development, an enabling environment, sustainability, and media literacy. We value diverse content, talent, and network above all.

Visura is structured to reduce the amount of time and money visual storytellers, editors, and organizations invest in having an online presence to further their work and career."

— Adriana Teresa
Together, Adriana and Graham have produced the FotoVisura Exhibition Pavilion (2008 — 2013), Visura Magazine (2009 — 2013), the FotoVisura.com self-publishing platform (2010 — 2015), and a long list of Grants, Panel Talks, and Workshops (2009 — 2019).

Today, Visura is based between Brooklyn, New York and the mountains of Stowe, Vermont.

More info: fotovisura-inc.com
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Visura has become the premier virtual home for photo editors and photographers to access resources and communicate with one another in a more streamlined personal manner. At the forefront of Visura’s mission is getting photographers’ significant work in front of key industry players and editors, and ultimately getting those photographers hired [...]

— The Washington Post

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