Nina Berman

Documentary photographer
David Duke
Location: New York City
Nationality: American
Biography: Nina Berman is a documentary photographer, author and educator, whose photographs and videos have been exhibited at more than 100 international venues including the Whitney Museum of American Art Biennial, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, the... read on
Public Story
David Duke
Credits: nina berman
Date of Work: 12/31/69 - 12/31/69
Updated: 11/03/18
Archived as: 
In 1990 and 1991,   I photographed David Duke's campaigns for US Senate and Governor of Louisiana.  The former KKK leader dropped his white robes, put on a suit, and styled himself as the new face of the Republican Party claiming he was no longer a white supremacist but a born again Christian.  And while he  lost the Republican Senate primary he still got  43% of the vote or around 607,000 votes.  In 1991,  he ran against Democrat Edwin Edwards for the Governor's office and lost garnering 680,000 votes.  His platform then is a mirror image of the Republican Party's platform today and Duke, who regularly appears at white supremacist and nationalist rallies has been a vocal supporter of Donald Trump.  

By Nina Berman —

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