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Since I began using Visura a few months ago, I have managed to find the perfect venue for ALL of my work with perhaps the most ideal audience one can have for a visual journalist's work; that is to say, other visual journalists. Read on

Christopher Janaro
Without the help of the team Visura, I would never have been able reach so far. Every time I did an assignment, I was praised by my editor for my website. They told me my site is easy to browse, simple and compelling. Read on

Fabeha Monir
I am now able to reach a wide range of photo editors and gain exposure to the broader audience with my work. Read on

Simon Fidelis Luyenga
Visura is central to my career, from here I keep editors up to date with my latest work, organize my publications, share my work on social media, and communicate easily with other storytellers. Read on

Gabriella N. Baez
For me, Visura is a wonderful throwback to the days where community existed between Photographers and excellence and expression in work mattered more than buzz or Sensation. Read on

Joan Liftin
The Visura platform is specifically designed for photographers which makes it easy to use. Read on

Etinosa Yvonne
The Site Builder is easy to use and the themes are performant and well designed. There's a lot of personalization one can do and the team is always willing and ready to help. Read on

Sulejman Bijedic
It's wonderful to be part of a community talented photographers who are regularly being sought out by curators and editors. Read on

Sylvia de Swaan
Visura is a window that allows other to know what I do, promotes our work as photographers and is always opening doors for photographers, sending information that might be helpful in many ways, festivals, job opportunities, etc. I'm really glad to be part of this family. Read on

Jorge Luis Chavarria
Since its inception, Visura has changed the game in photojournalism with its dedication to inclusion and diversity. It regularly features photographers and projects that might otherwise fly under the radar. Read on

J. M. Giordano
Visura allows me to be in contact with many editors and colleagues around the world. It has also been very easy to build my website. Read on

Eva Marie Uzcategui
Visura is not only a web page provider. It is like a home for me. Read on

Andoni Lubaki
Visura has been instrumental in assisting me to present my work to the world in a seamless, professional and functional way. I am always excited to engage with the platform, to look at the work of others and keep up with community news. Read on

Gulshan Khan
Visura opened numerous opportunities for exhibitions, jobs, awards, and global exposure. I would strongly encourage any emerging and aspirational photographer to give Visura and the Visura community a close look. Read on

Matthew Hamon
Switching to Visura was one of the best moves I have done for my career. The website is truly made with photojournalists in mind and it shows. Read on

Adil Boukind
Visura is a platform recommended by my mentors in my photography school. It's a great community to be in as a photographer. Moreover, opportunities from photo editors of valued brands like Oprah Magazine and so on come your way. Read on

Lozima Limboo
I collaborated with @weaponsofreason magazine and they published some of my photos in their magazine. Read on

Massimo Colombo
Visura enables me to show my work to the people who matter, like editors and people in the printing and journalistic industries, who would otherwise be unreachable to me. Read on

Mascha Joustra
I switched to Visura about two years ago, and I love it. It's so easy to use, and has AMAZING support. With Visura, my site always looks sharp, and my photos are presented beautifully. Read on

Katharine Lotze
Visura gives me the opportunity to share my photos among other photographers with high quality standards. This distinguishes Visura from other social platforms... Read on

Martin Czarnecki
The Visura team has been my compass while navigating website creation, pitching, and exploring ways to use visual content. This is a team that understands the importance of pushing the boundaries to make the photo industry stronger, more inclusive and more creative. Read on

Rebecca Gaal
I'm not exaggerating when I say switching to Visura was the best website decision I've ever made. I think the best thing about Visura is that it's a tight-knit community of photojournalists who all think similarly. Read on

Rory Doyle
I feel that my work is out there and that I'm connected with the photography industry worldwide. I have received many enquiries from editors and writers as well as many invitations for grants, workshop and such. Read on

Ivano Grasso
The relationships that Visura maintains with publishers and the media industry give tremendous potential visibility to my work. Read on

Jose M. Ramirez
Visura presents a fantastic variety of opportunities for being part of the professional community. Visura is now a vital part of my business. Read on

Roger Ricco
Visura has helped me advance my career as a visual communicator through the access it grants to editors and prominent members of the photography world, as well as other visual communicators. Read on

Valérie Berta
The site is beautiful, easy to navigate, and working with the Visura team and Rebecca is inspirational and a joy. Read on

Chris Golden
Visura is very economic for photographers who have limited resources like me. I got a paid membership in a truly affordable price and that is unique in nature. I would like to give thanks to entire Visura team for getting me published in their system. Read on

Joydeep Sarkar
I would like to send thanks for my Visura website it has been very helpful for me reaching and finding photographers and curators all over the world. Read on

Roni Ben Ari
Visura allows me to build a community of photographers and artists with various genres and their photography topics that gives me great information base, nice inspiration, great package of articles and regular visual stories from all around the world. Read on

Petra Lajdova
I feel embedded in a community of like-minded people, exploring the world and its many stories in their own inspiring way. Most recently, one of my stories was featured in the American Scholar thanks to the editor's access to Visura's member portfolios. Read on

Mara Klein
I honestly love it here, maintaining my websites is pure pleasure, and as a bonus, every time I log on I get inspired by a new story. Read on

Philip Holt
A give a big recommendation if you are fed up spending more time than necessary on your digital portfolio and are looking from somewhat of a social network, focused on great visual journalism. Read on

Michael Trammer
It is hard for me to describe Visura in words, for in the end I am a visual storyteller. But it is important for me to make an effort to share with the world what this company, and its founding members, can do for photography and for the photo community. Read on

Júlia Pontés
Today my form of photography focuses more on photojournalism, documentary, travel photography, and social issues. In this particular aspect, Visura has helped me to renew my own image, that is, the way I show my work to the world. Read on

Gonçalo Lobo Pinheiro
Joining Visura has been incredibly valuable in moving my work as a documentary photographer forward. Before moving over, my portfolio was on a WordPress self-built template and though the design was OK, I had limited exposure and limited technical or aesthetic feedback Read on

Sokari Ekine
Visura was an eye-opening experience for me. I joined at a time when I was still developing my own style, and didn't really know how to gain exposure, but I also felt cut-off from the international photography community, living as I was in Greece at the time. Visura created a bridge between me and the photographic world of others. Read on

Alexia Liakounakou
Visura is not just a hosting platform, it's a community of committed and talented people working across the visual arts and photojournalism world, breaking down barriers and providing opportunities to up and comers like me to connect with industry professionals in a way that wouldn't have been possible before. I'm deeply grateful to Visura. Read on

Sara Hylton is so useful, personally, I find it really convenient to quickly share my projects from my portfolio on a showcase where journalists, editors, and media professionals have access to my work because it definitely increases my chances to get my projects published or sold. Read on

David Sacco
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