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End of so called "˜NSU' anti-terror trial in Munich
Includes 15 images
Credit: Michael Trammer via Visura
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Copyright: © Michael Trammer, 2024
Location: München
Topics: Civil Rights Crime Environment Essays Feature News Photography Photojournalism Politics Protests Terrorism

Michael Trammer

Based in Hanover, Germany

Freelance journalist based in Hanover and Munich | Prefers to work with different media (photo, video and text) and likes stories with an investigative element. Writes on social movements, social inequality, migration and group-focused...
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Protest on the day of the proclamation of sentence with the names of those murdered and drawn portraits carried up front.
Karl-Heinz Statzberger, convicted for planning a bombing on the groundbreaking ceremony of the new Munich synagogue 2003, in line to attend the trial.
Protest in front of the court.
Ismail Yozgat, father of victim Halit Yozgat giving interviews on the day of the last hearings in the trial.
Media surrounding families of victims.
Abdul Simsek, son of murdred Enver Simsek and his lawyer during a press conference on the day of the proclamation of sentence.
Gamze Kubasik, daughter of Mehmet Kubasik
Press conference.
Court building.
Neo-nazis standing in line.
Ayse Yozgat, mother of victim Halit Yozgat.