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Russian Motorcade in Hanover Blocked
Visura Exclusive
Credit: Michael Trammer via Visura
Asset ID: VA69385
Caption: Available
Copyright: © Michael Trammer, 2023
Location: Hanover
Topics: Spotlight

Michael Trammer

Based in Hanover, Germany

Freelance journalist based in Hanover and Munich | Prefers to work with different media (photo, video and text) and likes stories with an investigative element. Writes on social movements, social inequality, migration and group-focused...
Also by Michael Trammer —
A car with Russian flag encircled by counter-protesters with Ukranian flags, blocking motorcade through Hannover.
Protesters block motorcade with Ukranian flags.
Counter-protesters waving middle fingers at motorcade.
A participant of the motorcade waves middle-fingers at photographers, as he turns around, as the route is blocked.
Two men in hoodies with Putin's face and the words "killer" watch the motorcade set up.
Pro-Russian protestors gather to protest against "discrimination of Russians", but de facto show their support of the invasion in Ukraine.
"Stop hating Russians" a sign in the colors of the Russian flag reads, that is taped to a car participating in the motorcade.
Participants set up their cars. 
Bikers associated with the "night wolves" line up at the front of the motorcade.
Counter-protestors holding signs comparing Putin with Hitler wave middle fingers at the motorcade, as police horses blocks the people from further approaching.
Police block Ukranian protestors from further blocking the street.