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Conspiracy Ideologists rally in Berlin, as new German Infection Protection Act is decided
Includes 51 images
Credit: Michael Trammer via Visura
Asset ID: VA51404
Caption: Available
Copyright: © Michael Trammer, 2023
Collection: Environment Feature News
Location: Brandenburger Tor, Berlin
Topics: Covid-19 Environment Far-Right Feature Germany News Photography Photojournalism Politics Protest Protests

Michael Trammer

Based in Hanover, Germany

Freelance journalist based in Hanover and Munich | Prefers to work with different media (photo, video and text) and likes stories with an investigative element. Writes on social movements, social inequality, migration and group-focused...
Also by Michael Trammer —
Protesters gather at 9 AM in front of Brandenburger Tor.
Dancing and singing.
Police arrest a man pretending to hold a spontaneous service in the crowd.
A woman shouts at a camera team holding interviews wearing a sign "Pandemic of Lies".
A man climbs Soviet Memorial at Strasse des 17. Juni with a plastic gun for a photo. 
Hansjörg Müller, AfD palamentarian incites the crowd, comparing the novelty of the German Infection Protection Act to 1933.
Man waving a Saxonian flag.
Man wearing bullet proof vest, merchandise of rapcrew "187 Straßenbande".
A man holds a sign egalizing 1933 to 2020.
Man with aluminium spicked helmet.
Protesters pushing to the Reichstag discuss with police.
AfD parlamentarians exit the Reichstag to pass out flyers.
Protesters sit down as police announce to clear the crowd. One wears a sign demanding new Nürnberg trials 2021.
a man waves a german flag from a parlamentarian building inciting crowd.
Police use pepperspray against first rows that tried to open police barriers.
Pepperspray is washed out.
Police push into the crowd.
A sign above the crowd states "Peace-treaty now!"
Reflection of crowd in front-window of water-cannon.
"We are the second wave."
Smoke grenades are thrown at police.
Police use water-cannons and pepperspray
Far-right Insignia and clothing can be spotted accross the crowd.
Police rip away tarp that protesters brought to protect them from water-cannons.
Arrest of a man that resists heavily.
An elderly woman holds up a rosary as water-cannons return from refueling.
Far-right groups scuffle with police.
AfD parlamentarian Lars Günther, MdL from Brandenburg, holds up a banner stating "Common sense instead of mass panic!"
Andreas Kalbitz, former AfD parlamentarian, now kicked out due to far-right vita watches the dispersion of the crowd.
A man carries a yellow David's star with the words "German" in Gothic print and shows a thumb up. Many protesters carried antisemitic signs. One returning element of the protest is to compare the situation for conspiracy theorists and Covid-19 deniers to those of Jewish people during the Third Reich.
Reza B., that believes he is Messiah shouts at police to bring him to the chancellors office, as he is the one that deserves to reign Germany.
A man carries a sign comparing Adolf Hitler and Angela Merkel.
Arrest at Brandenburg gate as crowd has slowly disperesed.
Banner stating "We are the people" lays on the floor, wet and destroyed by a water-cannon.