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Tower Block Quarantine / "We are also humans"
Includes 15 images
Credit: Michael Trammer via Visura
Asset ID: VA46007
Caption: Available
Copyright: © Michael Trammer, 2023
Collection: Environment Feature News
Location: Groner Landstrasse 9, Göttingen
Topics: Children Community Covid-19 Discrimination Documentary Environment Feature Freedom News Pandemics Photography Photojournalism Portraiture Poverty Protests Racism

Michael Trammer

Based in Hanover, Germany

Freelance journalist based in Hanover and Munich | Prefers to work with different media (photo, video and text) and likes stories with an investigative element. Writes on social movements, social inequality, migration and group-focused...
Also by Michael Trammer —
Policevans block the access to the complex in the aftermath of scuffles between police and locked-in residents, June 20th
Residents watch solidary protesters gathering at their front-door. June 23rd
Riot police and medics enter the building. While scuffles took place a man was suffering from an illness in his appartement and was reported to be unable to breathe. June 20th
The ambulance for the man arrived more than one hour later. The resident of the 2nd floor was found dead in his appartement. Police categorically deny any connection of the death to their operation. The widdow of the man says though, she was calling for help at the fence, but nobody assisted. June 20th
A CCTV camera watches the situation from the commando post of first responders. June 20th
A young boy watches the solidary demonstration and police, standing on a fence. June 23rd
Inahbitans watch and listen to the solidary protest. June 23rd
A group of inhabitans, that wish to stay anonymous, pose with protective masks behind the fence of Groner Landstrasse. June 23rd
"We are also humans." June 23rd
Two men, who want to stay anonymous, pose for a portrait in front of the building. One says that mildew is all over his appartement and that this has been going on since years. The city supplies the room to him. June 23rd
Residents of the complex applaude solidary protest. June 23rd
Solidary protesters. June 23rd
Protest in solidarity. June 23rd
A police dog barks at protesters. June 23rd
Residents watch the situation, as slowly people that came in solidarity disperse and most of them are still kept locked up in quarantine. June 23rd