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Weed Nuns
Location: Los Angeles
Nationality: Mexican American
Biography: Everyone has a story to tell and I've always been interested in hearing it. It's the reason why I became a journalist and why I love photography. My job allows me to meet people from all walks of life. I get to share with viewers the good... read on
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Weed Nuns
Credits: gina silva
Date of Work: 01/20/20 - 01/20/20
Updated: 08/13/18
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They call themselves, Sisters of The Valley and they’re on a holy mission to alleviate suffering through marijuana. Sister Kate says, “We put our prayer into our medicine making. We do everything by moon cycle and we do it in a spiritual environment.”  Their spiritual environment is surrounded by weed.  A lot of weed.  They don’t belong to any organized religion. They say they wear their outfits, simply as a devotion to marijuana.  “We’re not traditional nuns. We’re not related to any contemporary male founded religion. We don’t get up every morning at the crack of dawn and pray. Our prayer goes into our work.  Our prayer goes into the medicine making. Our prayer goes into the plants,” says Sister Kate. Some of those plants are grown and harvested right on their land in Central California. A location they’ve asked us not to reveal. The sisters use the plants to sell different products like salvs, creams and oils for things like headaches, anxiety and depression. But not everyone is happy with the sisters. The Catholic church isn’t thrilled they call themselves nuns and critics are often leaving nasty messages. But Sister Kate laughs it off. She says, “We think it’s kind of funny. Weed OK.. Weed Nuns— NOT!  And so, we feel a bit like we’ve been called to be a decoy. They are angry at us for being nuns. At least, they’re not disputing the medicinal benefits of cannabis.”


By Gina Silva —

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