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Best Indian Food At Gas Station
Location: Los Angeles
Nationality: Mexican American
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Best Indian Food At Gas Station
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Date of Work: 01/28/20 - 01/28/20
Updated: 08/13/18
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Gas station is serving the best Indian Food in Los Angeles.

It’s sizzling in the kitchen of the The Bombay Frankie Company, a restaurant serving some of the best Indian food in LA.  The reviews are glowing; 4.5 stars.  But this restaurant is located inside a Chevron gas station.  Co-owner Priyanka Mac says, “People are floored by it. They love the flavors. It really hits you, it’s warming and comforting.”  The Mac family already owned a gas station and had lots of available space. When family friend and Chef Kamal Singh lost his lease at his restaurant, he turned to brother and sister Hiram and Priyanka Mac. “He’s the best Chef in the city and we’re these aspiring entrepreneurs. So, I’m sure we can play off his strength and learn a lot in the process too,” says Hiram Mack.  The result is authentic, savory Indian food prepared for people on the go.  Everything is fresh, starting with the nan cooked in a clay oven.  Hiram says, “Our most popular one is the Chicken Tikka Masala Frankie Burrito. It is cooked in a creamy tomato sauce, fresh nan and pickled onions.” Customer David Campbell says, “It took me a couple of months to work up the courage to eat Indian food at a gas station but after seeing the yelp reviews and eating the food, it’s possibly the best Indian food I’ve ever had.”


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