Gina Silva

News Reporter/ Photographer
Friendship Park
Location: Los Angeles
Nationality: Mexican American
Biography: Everyone has a story to tell and I've always been interested in hearing it. It's the reason why I became a journalist and why I love photography. My job allows me to meet people from all walks of life. I get to share with viewers the good... read on
Public Story
Friendship Park
Credits: gina silva
Date of Work: 01/20/20 - 01/20/20
Updated: 08/10/18
Under the watchful eye of U.S. Border Patrol Agents, familieson both sides of the border are allowed to visit at Friendship Park located at the San Diego/Tijuana Border. Friendship Park was established in 1971. At the time, the fence was just a few strings of barbed wire. First Lady Pat Nixon said during the inauguration, “I hope there won’t be a fence here too long.”  Back then, families could see each other and hug. Forty Seven years later, there’s a double meshed fence separating  loved ones at the border.

By Gina Silva —

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