Andrea Santolaya

Manolo Valdes. NY Botanical
Location: Madrid
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: Andrea Santolaya (Madrid, 1982) has developed a personal and honest photographic language to portray the life of small communities where timelessness as a social bond stands out. Whether with the Mikhailovsky Ballet of Saint Petersburg, in... MORE
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Manolo Valdes. NY Botanical
Copyright Andrea Santolaya 2023
Date of Work Dec 1969 - Dec 1969
Updated Apr 2018
Location New York City
Topics Arts, Black and White, Fine Art, Landscape, Personal, Photography
Where are the ladies of old? Easy, on the other side of the Harlem river, among the trees, where I have arrived, like a modern-day Ulysses, after a journey on a subway that crosses Manhattan. ("¦)

These airy girls of Valdés, inhabitants of a garden that reminds us of a gentle animated forest, have gone from being trapped in the gothic severity of an ancient court to reaching a reasonable Eden, following a controlled escape, in a city where there is no court, in an open city that is never caught slumbering. A city that appreciates their shape, their faces, their size. Thus, the hieratic nature of their countenance is compensated by their baroque or geometrical hats, born from their arboreal imagination. They look like daughters of the fables coexisting as mates, friends of the trees set free by their feathered heads, by their imaginary flight of gendered angels, among the rest of the inhabitants of the forest.

Manolo Valdés, from the Mystery to the East of Eden. Written by Javier Rioyo

Excerp from the book Manolo Valdes. The New York Botanical Garden. La Fabrica Ed. Spain 2014

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Manolo Valdes. NY Botanical  by Andrea Santolaya
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