Andrea Santolaya

The honour of the wronged
Location: Madrid
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: Andrea Santolaya (Madrid, 1982) has developed a personal and honest photographic language to portray the life of small communities where timelessness as a social bond stands out. Whether with the Mikhailovsky Ballet of Saint Petersburg, in... read on

"El honor de las injurias " is the testimony of an obsession. The passionate search for an anarchist gunman, Felipe Sandoval aka "Doctor Muñiz", during the Spanish Civil War. Earning his living as a bricklayer, his life is marked by the faith in a redeeming dream: Social Revolution. This will first turn him into a famous robber and then, during the Civil War, into a ruthless murderer. The narrator's determination to investigate and follow this dark trail makes him rescue numerous shreds of Sandoval's memory scattered today in files, libraries and old newspapers archives. With this material and a selection of old movies and photographs, he tries to reconstruct the course of his life and to answer the question of who Felipe Sandoval really was. The undertaking inevitable turns into a frightening and fascinating trip. A personal glance, at last, not void of tenderness and melancholy, at one of the most painful corners of Spain's recent past.

"El honor de las injurias (The honour of the wronged)"

Director: Carlos Garcia Alix | Producer: No Hay Penas

Year: 2007  | Duration: 87 minutes | Making of: Andrea Santolaya

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