Andrea Santolaya

Around (Backstage)
Location: Madrid
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: Andrea Santolaya (Madrid, 1982) has developed a personal and honest photographic language to portray the life of small communities where timelessness as a social bond stands out. Whether with the Mikhailovsky Ballet of Saint Petersburg, in... read on
Public Story
Around (Backstage)

Photographs by Andrea Santolaya

Foreword by Larry Fink

La Oficina Editions. 2011. Spain

"This book is aptly called a/round.. suggesting that there will be action, after all boxing in all of its training is dedicated to be contested within the round or rounds may they be 6 10 or 12 depending on the class and the intent of the conflict... the rounds take place within the square, the boxers zig zag, coast, prod, jab  feint, cross and undercut.. all punches appropriately placed so as to reach the goal of over whelming or out pointing the other man or woman in the ring..    singular victory is the reason for all of this skill..  call this the victory of the will.., oddly tho the images within the book have nothing to do with the action.. there are no bruising moments, no fast handed illusions, there is no woopie at the end of the fight nor is there a loser bloodied on the mat confused, despir- itualized or dead.... nor is there any sight of the blood thirsty crowd.. the ring girls, the inherent smell of greed that so often parallels the purity of the fighter.

Excerp from the introduction of the book ARound. Larry Fink 2010


By Andrea Santolaya —

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