Tahir Ün

Photographer, video artist, curator, activist @ freelancer / Based in Turkey

Tahir Ün was born in Turkey. He has been working periodically at Xinjiang (Uighur) Autonomous Region of China, Balkans, Caucasia and Turkey as a freelance photographer, videographer, curator and activist. Tahir Ün is... read on
Focus: Photographer, Photojournalist, Filmmaker, Journalist, Curator, Director, Writer, Videographer, Video Editor, Fine Art, Environment, Documentary, Multimedia, Creative, Video, Film, Photography, Portraiture, Conceptual, Art, Culture, Arts & Culture, Freelance, Civil Rights and Social Inequality, Humanitarian, Teacher
Skills: Research, Image Archiving, Digital Printing, Audio Recording, Color Correction, Film Scanning, QuarkXPress, Adobe Premier, Photo Editing, Black & White Printing, Mixed Media, Editorial Design, Curating, Exhibition Design, Multimedia Production, Photojournalism, Retouching, Video Editing, Film Processing, Film Photography
       | www.tahirun.net