Tahir Ün

Photographer, video artist, curator, activist
Location: izmir
Nationality: turkish
Biography: Tahir Ün was born in Turkey. He has been working periodically at Xinjiang (Uighur) Autonomous Region of China, Balkans, Caucasia and Turkey as a freelance photographer, videographer, curator and activist. Tahir Ün is an... read on
Public Story
The Wonderful Affair
Credits: tahir Ün
Date of Work: 06/09/15 - 04/20/16
Updated: 01/01/19
Location: İzmir
Harika is a child whose Kurdish family was set refuge from Siirt to Manisa at the end of 1980’s.
With his own words, he is a transsexual feeling female spirit in his own body since early childhood. He lives in Izmir since 2000 and makes a living by prostutition.
Harika (literally translated as wonderful) poses with her self-confidence and courage for my multimedia project. It suggests the audience an unjudgemental stance for homophobia.

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By Tahir Ün —


Imagined Views

By Tahir Ün — “Imagined Views” was realized between 1986-1988 years with analogue photo technique completely.   

Nylon Refuges

By Tahir Ün — A west Anatolia metropolitan İzmir has a population around 4 million and almost 3,500 years of recorded urban history and possibly even longer as..

Key Images

By Tahir Ün

Xinjiang: Re-Construction

By Tahir Ün


By Tahir Ün

Nuclear Ghost

By Tahir Ün
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