Katarina Premfors

The Wall Between Us
Location: United Arab Emirates
Nationality: Swedish
Biography: Katarina Premfors is a Dubai based freelance photographer covering the Middle East since 1992.   Born in Sweden, raised between Pakistan, Turkey and North America before launching her commercial career in the Middle-East over twenty eight... read on
Public Story
The Wall Between Us
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
This is the chronological story of the wall that divides our house with our neighbors.  

With the lockdown during the pandemic the kids only had each other and the new friendship with the neighbors.
Zayed is one of seven children of our Emirati neighbours. 
Peering in to our living room and calling for my children Astrid and Sawyer to come out and play. 
Zayed perching precariously on the wall. Throwing basketballs into our hoop whilst standing one one leg. 
My children were fascinated.  Astrid starting climbing up on the wall and spent all her time with Zayed. 
I look outside and wonder what they are talking about.
 We have all settled in to the new normal and we are grateful for the time we have had together and still have. 
Restrictions have eased for now. 
We still don’t venture out much. 
The wall has become synonymous with making new friends, meeting the neighbors and making the best out of an unknown situation.