Katarina Premfors

Raggare, Sweden
Location: Sweden
Nationality: Swedish
Biography: UAE based  Photojournalist covering the Middle East since 1992. Published regularly with The New York Times, WSJ, The The Washington Post, Fast Company, Unicef, Greenpeace and others. Katarina also works in many long form photo documentary... MORE
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Raggare, Sweden
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Updated Jun 2022
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After buying a farm in the middle of nowhere in Sweden in 2018, I was excited to see a convoy of American Classic cars with Raggare driving past our sparsely travelled main road. I followed.
Raggare is a Swedish subculture that is akin to the the American grease and Rockability sub-cultures. All hot rod cars, Rock and Roll, pin up and  50's American Pop Culture.This style of the 50’s is considered a golden age for Raggare.It is a peculiarly Swedish subculture that has, so far, stood the test of time. The first rockabilly groups started to pop up in the late 1950s, and to this day, a large group of Swedes live their lives as if they are in ’50s or ’60s America.  The Raggare culture is about much more than just showing off their wheels. It’s about the lifestyle, music and culture and fashion.Raggare, comes from the truck drivers’ slang for “gathering,” which was used in rockabilly times to mean collecting women in cars.
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Raggare, Sweden by Katarina Premfors
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