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Location: Sweden
Nationality: Swedish
Biography: UAE based  Photojournalist covering the Middle East since 1992. Published regularly with The New York Times, WSJ, The The Washington Post, Fast Company, Unicef, Greenpeace and others. Katarina also works in many long form photo documentary... MORE
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Updated May 2022

Motherhood is many things. It’s learning to say goodbye to a son or daughter. Listening to others. I mean really listening. It is about sitting together crosslegged on the floor. Asking for help, becoming someone else, being your mother, seeing you daughter with your dying father, inking your hands to see your faraway children every waking moment. Not knowing if your choices matter, helped or failed.
Not falling apart but living and breathing those moments and suddenly realizing that time goes at warp speed.

Being a mother is my most difficult, important task and it has made me an infinitely better person.

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Motherhood by Katarina Premfors
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