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Separated At Birth (Cameroon)
Location: Bologna
Nationality: Italian
Biography: I am a freelance documentary photographer and filmmaker. I traveled throughout Africa over the past ten years, documenting global topics, including health care, education, human rights, gender issues, sustainable development. Since 2011 I’m... read on
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Separated At Birth (Cameroon)
Credits: paolo patruno
Updated: 09/13/16
Location: Cameroon, Africa
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SEPARATED at BIRTH - Cameroon. 2014

"I can’t really forget that day, a lady from the social service came in and said firmly “Madame today we have come to take the baby”.  

It was the most difficult. Even more difficult than entering prison being pregnant. To be separated from your child when you are still alive.

It was as if I was dead and the baby had no mother."

Cecile, 37, does not believe she should have given birth in prison. But delivering her daughter in a jail cell in unsanitary conditions with no supplies or medical care is precisely what she did inside a prison in western Cameroon.

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