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Ricerca e Cooperazione - Blantyre, Malawi.

Chipalamba Toto Project
This initiative aims at fighting the growing phenomenon of land desertification in the Southern region of Malawi, and particularly in 5 areas of the Blantyre district. The project actions aimed at contrasting soil erosion, the biggest environmental problem Malawi faces: in many areas of the country is estimated a yearly loss of 50 to 100 tons of farming land with a significant impact on food security, being Malawi population dependent on agriculture production.
Among the main consequences of desertification:
• Reduction of the agricultural irrigated and non irrigated production
• Reduction of perennial plants, with immediate consequences on food availability
• General reduction of the biomass necessary for food cooking and building materials
• Drastic reduction of water resources as a consequence of river and ground water reduction
• Increase of seasonal flooding, river beds sedimentation, water and air pollution
• Increase of “environmental refugees” migrating in search of new areas for housing and farming
The project is a pilot action, strengthened by the use of new technologies with low environmental impact, following two operational lines: the improvement of farmers’ technical know howwith regards tosoil conservation and the fight against deforestation.
Theproject will contribute to build an environmental and agricultural model which farmers will be able to understand, adopt and spread progressively across the country .
The project title in the local Chichewa language means “No to Desertification!”.

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