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Nationality: Italian
Biography: I am a freelance documentary photographer and filmmaker. I traveled throughout Africa over the past ten years, documenting global topics, including health care, education, human rights, gender issues, sustainable development. Since 2011 I’m... read on
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In 2011 I started my "BIRTH IS A DREAM" a documentary project which aims to document and raise awareness about maternal health in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Every year in Sub-Saharan Africa 200.000 mothers die from complications of pregnancy and childbirth.
A mother's death is a human tragedy, affecting families and communities. Her death endangers the lives of a surviving newborn and any other young children; a mother's death makes it harder for the family to obtain life's necessities and escape the crush of poverty. A great many of these deaths are preventable, when women have access to quality prevention, diagnostic, and treatment services.

 I started my project in Malawi, where the words for pregnancy in the local language—'pakati' and 'matenda'—translate into 'between life and death' and 'sick'.
That’s where I met an English midwife, Rachel MacLeod, who practiced for nearly 14 years in Spain before moving to Malawi to work as a senior clinical midwife in the labor ward of the Bwaila Hospital, in the capital Lilongwe; she opened my eyes to the maternal health crisis in Africa.

Since 2011 the project has been shot across Cameroon, DRC, Ethiopia, Malawi, Morocco, Mozambique, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

Visit the "BIRTH IS A DREAM" website to view the stories I've documented:


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