luca baldassari

Location: rome
Nationality: italy
Biography: I do not say much about my philosophy because it is under development, but to be honest I do not think I ever will do well to define it. I using mainly the technique of the pinhole. Technique that I use more than 20 years, cameras and holes are... read on
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Updated 12/13/12

These photos are part of my collection called “ movimentazioni” . An attempt to capture the movement.
The idea of the project came from a photo "da port’Ercole a porto Santo Stefano," I took in 2004. That picture always fascinated me, but I left it in a drawer for such a long time that I even forgot about it. Just when I discovered it again I decided to re start that project.
The idea of capturing the movement is always with me, because most of my work comes from my travelling. This collection is the representation of this movement, and of my way of seeing time and space.
My way of seeing and representing is close to some writers, in which phrases I find a confirmation to my thoughts. Among these quotes there is one from Italo Calvino: "The eye does not see things but images of things that mean other things " , and another from Merleau-Ponty, who in the Phenomenology of Perception writes: "Our perception comes from " things " and " empty spaces in between things "(...) at first I see stable things: houses, sun, mountains ( ...) but If we looked at the empty space as they were real things, the word’s appearance ( ...) would change considerably".
I don’t want to make a list of all the phrases that are close to my way of working, all these concepts are always with me, and when I take a photo thinking about “movimentazioni”, I have a much more clear idea of what I have to capture thanks to them.
Everything moves, and even when objects around us are stable, their images on our retina are moving, because the head and eyes are never entirely fixed.
In this attempt to represent the movement the pinhole camera is a great help, it captures the movement that often we can’t t manage to catch. This project evolves and changes through the years, with my life and new journeys.



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