luca baldassari

Tor Bella Monaca
Location: rome
Nationality: italy
Biography: Â I do not say much about my philosophy because it is under development, but to be honest I do not think I ever will do well to define it. I using mainly the technique of the pinhole. Technique that I use more than 20 years, cameras and holes are... read on
Public Story
Tor Bella Monaca
that one afternoon your friend Emanuela Passacantilli calls you “I'll pick you up in 20 minutes we'll go to Tor Bella Monaca”. I've never been there, partly because it is diametrically opposed to my house and partly because of prejudice, and then you don't happen to go to Tor Bella Monaca on purpose.
that you arrive and find yourself wandering around the neighborhood with an exceptional guide like Fabio Moscatelli, the engine of Qui Vive Jeeg, and introduces you to smart people like Maria Grazia and the boys of the TorPiùBella association, who with love and dedication try to to drop part of those prejudices that you carry with you.
It happens
that despite the emotions you can take some photos.

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