luca baldassari

cartoline stenopeiche
Location: rome
Nationality: italy
Biography: I do not say much about my philosophy because it is under development, but to be honest I do not think I ever will do well to define it. I using mainly the technique of the pinhole. Technique that I use more than 20 years, cameras and holes are... read on
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cartoline stenopeiche
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Updated 01/02/13

Why pinhole postcards?
A small concentrate of my travels and wanderings with the pinhole by my side. This project is work in progress.

I think that when you send a postcard or buy this for yourself because you want to re-think back to where you were or where you want to go. Seeking a share with the recipient with the desire to convey the feelings or still live with the desire to look for a bond or just to consolidate a friendship.

And that's when we come off from everything and you start to travel with the mind to think about what you've done or what could be done. It's a way to start again our imagination.
We hang up these to the wall or fridge and they remain like warning of a possible escape, even when these lose colour is difficult to take out them almost these were a way of escape to which we regret for the time to give a fleeting glance.



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