Joao Pina

Clandestine Abortion
Location: Paris, France
Nationality: Portuguese
Biography: João Pina is a freelance photographer born in Portugal in 1980. He began working as a professional photographer at age eighteen, and graduated from the International Center of Photography’s Photojournalism and Documentary Photography... MORE
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Clandestine Abortion
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Updated Oct 2020
Topics Abortion, Documentary, Photography, Portraiture
In 2007 abortion laws were liberalized in Portugal. Ill performed abortions was in the early 2000's one of the main non-natural causes of women's death in the country.

This photographs made in 2005, show women (with changed names for their own legal protection) who in had abortions while it was still ilegal, which made them not only at risk to their own health but also facing criminal charges and the risk of spending time in prison.

10 years after the laws were changed, the new law is considered a success, with 15% less abortions made than in 2007, making Portugal the country in Europe with the less abortions performed by thousand born babies.

Work commissioned by D la Repubblica delle Donne.
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Clandestine Abortion by Joao Pina
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