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Copan during quarantine
Location: Paris, France
Nationality: Portuguese
Biography: João Pina is a freelance photographer born in Portugal in 1980. He began working as a professional photographer at age eighteen, and graduated from the International Center of Photography’s Photojournalism and Documentary Photography... MORE
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Copan during quarantine
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Updated Dec 2020
Location sao paulo
Topics Covid-19, Documentary, Editorial, Latin america, Photojournalism, Quarantine. brazil. sao paulo, Spotlight, Travel
The Copan building the largest residential building in Brazil, with 1160 apartments and over 5000 residents living in downtown São Paulo is a small city. Designed by the famous architect Oscar Niemeyer in the 1950's, it was meant so people from all economical spectrums could live in center of South America's most populated city.

How does a building which hosts the population of a small town, live during the COVID-19 quarantine? This was the original question that brought João Pina into the building when the pandemic started in March 2020, moving for three weeks to start documenting the lives of the residents and building workers during this exceptional times.

Commissioned by National Geographic Magazine
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Copan during quarantine by Joao Pina
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