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The Visura Salon: About last night
adriana teresa letorney
Mar 13, 2019
Thank you to everyone who attended and tuned into last night's inaugural Visura Salon Series featuring Fred Ritchin and Brazilian photographer Júlia Pontés. The event kicked off with a packed audience that was truly engaged in the presentations. On behalf of Visura and POWERHOUSE—we thank everyone who attended from visual storytellers, artists, editors, writers, educators, software engineers, entrepreneurs, publishers to a wider audience that wants to be part of an important conversation around ways in which the media industry can continue to elevate its language and foster credibility and authenticity.

Dean Emeritus of the International Center of Photography (ICP) School Fred Ritchin first discussed the Post-Photographic Challenge, or how to make a difference in society at a time of diminished media credibility. He then went on to present Four Corners ( ), a new approach to contextualizing photographs online. The tool aims to empower image-makers, editors, and viewers by allowing specific information to be embedded in each of the photographer's four corners, which is then available for readers to explore. The goal of the tool is to empower the authorship of the photographer and the credibility of the image.

Brazilian photographer Júlia Pontés presented her long-term aerial portrayal and documentation of the devastation caused by mining in Brazil. This work was recently recognized by Harvard University’s Planetary Health Alliance and published on Bloomberg Businessweek. Júlia discussed her process as a photographer that works to inform and educate through a more conceptual documentary approach in order to step away from sensationalistic imagery.  

Photo by Shuran Huang 
A special thanks to Fred and Júlia, who challenged our minds with new ideas, practices, guidelines, and tools like the Four Corners ( ) as a possible solution for all of us to explore.

I also want to thank our partner POWERHOUSE for creating a truly special ambiance for these discussions to take place.
We look forward to seeing you at the next event! Dates and Guest Speakers will be announced soon!

Forward and onward with gratitude, determination, and hope,

Adriana Teresa

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