Adriana Teresa Letorney

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Nationality: Puerto Rican American
Biography: Adriana Teresa Letorney is the Founder, CEO & Creative Director of . She is also the co-founder of Scout Film Festival, which is dedicated to supporting and celebrating students and aspiring filmmakers worldwide aged 24 and... read on
A moment of silence
adriana teresa letorney
Mar 4, 2019

Once, I was asked by a jazz musician the definition of music. It was impossible to come up with only one answer. I looked at him and admitted to having no idea how to respond.

I asked this man:What is music to you?”

To which he replied:Silence”.

Silence? I wondered, “how is that possible?He responded, “without silence music would not exist. You would only hear, noise.

Sometimes, we just need a moment of silence. In honor of Wil Riera, and all the photojournalists we have lost. 

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By Adriana Teresa Letorney —

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