Vidhyaa C

Mothering from Afar:Migrant Women in the United Arab Emirates
Location: Abu Dhabi
Nationality: India
Biography: Vidhyaa is an Indian Editorial and documentary photographer based in Abu Dhabi,UAE, her work mainly focus on issue relating to women & girls identity and community, subjects’ experiences are integral to her approach to portraiture as she... read on
Public Story
Mothering from Afar:Migrant Women in the United Arab Emirates
Credits: vidhyaa
Date of Work: 05/01/17 - Ongoing
Updated: 05/31/19
Mothering from afar: Migrant Women in the UAE captures the challenges migrant workers encounter while working in a foreign land, far from their children.

Predominantly hailing from the Indian subcontinent and the Philippines, the day-to-day struggles of single mothers employed as domestic workers or lower down in the retail and hospitality chains in the Middle East, lead to lifelong entrapment. Bereft of regular up-close and personal interaction with family members – for years on end – many of them are resigned to lives of depression and trauma, hopelessness, lack of identity and, therefore, lack of confidence. Finding it increasingly hard to juggle between job and the time invested in communicating with loved ones back home, they develop poor food and eating habits, leading to health issues.

Moreover, much to their frustration, many find it difficult to handle the responsibility of establishing a routine for their children who drift into lives lacking discipline and focus. Mothering from afar indeed entails a very big price that these women have to pay.

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