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Sekar"Coping with being HIV-Positive
Includes 9 images
Credit: Vidhyaa c via Visura
Asset ID: VA30195
Caption: Available
Copyright: © Vidhyaa c, 2023
Collection: Feature News
Topics: Aging Documentary Essays Feature Gay Gay Rights Gender HIV/AIDS Hope Human Rights Illness News NGO Photography Photojournalism Sorrow Transgender

Vidhyaa Chandramohan

@ Freelancer Based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Vidhyaa is a photojournalist based in Abu Dhabi. She focuses her documentary work in the UAE on gender, cultural, social, and environmental challenges and issues. Her goal is to do new things and reveal untold stories about the UAE. As a...
Also by Vidhyaa c —
In 1994 Aside magazine covered about Sekar, he is the first HIV affected came forward and gave interview, Sekar  started NGO for Gay society in Chennai,India and given awareness.
 Sekar Says, i had three close friends slightly older to me , and quite often our small talks used to talks drag towards sex, thats was only starters, and started physical game became a habit and pushed me to homosexuality soon. His friend introduce world of homosexual, he took me to all the homosexual cruise and joints and got me introduced to all his friends, soon i became quite popular in that circle and was most sought after partner. 

i am a active participant in sports and national cadet corps won many award and state level marathon , concentration drifting from studies and concentration more on sports.

The sight of girl never interested me and pushed me further into homosexual activity,i  used to come late home , my family was suspecting that i might be visiting prostitutes, but not in the wildest dream did they suspect i could be a homosexual.

 They wanted me to get married and i promised my mother that i will settle down with job, but nothing happened in my life.

Sekar says , "Left side of abdomen developed boils, that's the first symptoms i never suspected and got myself checked with skin specialist , who assured me nothing to worry. But i was worried because of boil started spreading ,so i got myself admitted in the private nursing home ,doctor enquired about my habits  and i confessed about my homosexuality, he advise me to go for blood test.

My social worker friend and he is a doctor taken me to a big hospital in the city for an Elisa Test, preliminary blood test for HIV infection. When i went to collect the report after 3 days , i was told that doctor had gone abroad and would return only after a week. The whole week i was restless and lonely and depressed. By the time the boils had disappeared but the anxiety and suspense of the blood test result was too much.

Until now i was isolated from the family , it used to be painful in the initial stage my close friend of mine, a businessman who had also been my partner who has stood by me, and showered so much love much more than what my parents given me And one desperate moment when i tempted sucide, it was he who dissuaded me against it you’re going to die anyway. why advance it? you can still live and do lot of good for the society, and contribute in your own way to the AIDS awareness program, i must admit that it is his solace and contain that has sustained me and restored my confidence in me then and now.Thats how i started NGO to support Gay society

This is only photo from the book remain as a record of my life.
Life saving medicine for now, but i have severe side effects 
Sekar's current partner George and he is the only support before his life end.