Tira Khan

Photography + video
Location: Boston
Nationality: us
Biography: Tira Khan’s photographs focus on people, the domestic, and unguarded moments. Her images are often personal, and she finds that elements of our daily lives often reflect broad, universal themes. In the past year her series, Growing Up... read on
News Spotlight
First Place, New York Curator, Vibrant exhibition
tira khan
Nov 13, 2018
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Curator Julie Williams-Krishnan

www.jwkphotography.com says, "No More Braids, by Tira Khan, shows a quiet adolescent moment after some sort of event worth dressing for. The energy of the celebration is hovering but has been spent. We can see that there must have been a great deal of dancing in those golden leggings! I think we can all relate to that moment after our big day when the friends have all gone home, and we are content to rest, satisfied it has been a good day. 

No More Braids is beautifully shot. The composition gives the viewer space to linger on the details - the computer by the pointing toes, the animal-print cuff, the blue, and mauve open trunks - indicating what? The packing up of times gone by? Dress-up clothes for a party?

The angles of the body and the furniture and the trunks all direct our gaze, and the open space with the light on the carpet gives us time to consider this domestic moment. The colors in this image are beautiful. In the midst of the muted living room -  brown, mauve, deep green, pale blue/teal - there lies this beautiful child in shimmering golden leggings, a bright red shirt, and, a pale blue/teal braid. She is not sleeping. 

The irony of the title is not lost. The braid is resting, just like the girl. Perhaps it is contemplating its future. 

This call for entry was about vibrance - what is it about this image (and the series) that speaks to vibrance for you?"

Tira Khan says, "My series, Growing Up Girl, focus on my daughters.
In the winning photograph, I think the vibrancy comes from my daughter’s energy as well as the colors associated with youth. I wonder what possessed me to paint her room that jolt of green? My daughter’s shirt is neon pink, which complements the walls in a jarring way. 

She exudes determination and as she brushes her hair — I find there is nothing softly romantic about it. It looks like she has places to go."

 N.Y. Photo Curator: Global Photography Awards- 'Where Photography & Philanthropy Meet'

By Tira Khan —

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