Tira Khan

Photography + video
Location: Boston
Nationality: us
Biography: Tira Khan’s photographs focus on people, the domestic, and unguarded moments. Her images are often personal, and she finds that elements of our daily lives often reflect broad, universal themes. In the past year her series, Growing Up... read on
Yay, I'm in Teen Vogue! (Well, at least my photo is.)
tira khan
Jun 25, 2019
This is a much more serious topic than my headline suggests. My photo illustrates a story about a high school senior who wrote an article on the ethics of using prison labor to upholster cushions in his school's auditorium. Commissioned by The Marshall Project.
     These Student Journalists Exposed Their High School’s Use of Prison Labor
         An overheard conversation spawned this massive journalistic scoop. 

By Tira Khan —

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