Beautiful Abandoned

Thong Vo
Documentary Photographer based in Ho Chi Minh City

Often, the photographer's vision will lead him to the assigned subject or potential subject matter. Other times, the subject appeared as an unexpected gift, at a time when he was not intentionally looking for a possible idea.

As for "Beautiful Abandoned", I'm just a lucky guy who accidentally "bumped into" my muse on a majestic sunny afternoon on Son Tra peninsula. I wanted to capture something different, with or without a human signs but still expressing emotions as if a person was present.

Here it is! An abandoned stop, overlooking the beautiful beach below the hillside. Most likely a street-style cafe for visitors to stop and admire the charming scenery. I stopped, exploring this place with curious eyes. The scenes unfolding before my sights are something mysterious but captivating, some remnants of modern life, blending surrealistically with the luscious wildness of nature - the strait, the water, the sky.

This short documentary borrows ideas from my favorite project by Magnum photographer Alec Soth called "Sleeping by the Mississippi", which cleverly combines still life, landscape shots with aesthetic environmental portraits . Even though I'm not trying to recreate a perfect copy of Soth's project, turning the idea into reality in such a small amount of time was still a lovely remark to me.
Public Story
Beautiful Abandoned
Copyright Thong Vo 2022
Date of Work Apr 2022 - Apr 2022
Updated May 2022
Location Da Nang, Vietnam
Topics Atmosphere, Nature, Photography, Travel, Wanderlust