Morning at Monique.
Thong & Giao - the owners. Young, artistic, coffee lovers, wanderers. The two truly enjoy good vibes and Monique is the fruit of their dream - a place where people can gather and celebrate life in their own joy.
Morning routine: preparing stuff for welcoming the early guests. Thong said that there is no "special day" at Monique. Everything rolls out with a slow pace, not too rush.
Coffee and tea is served only in the morning and noon. The evening belongs to cocktail and spirits. Although the menu is not so complex, Thong believes the drinks are good enough to satisfy the tastes of customers.
Cleaning up and washing after a long night of hiatus. As I came in the weekend, it took a while for everything to properly setup before drinks were ready to serve.
Interior: glasses, frame pictures, wooden walls, cozy yellow lights, and not to mention: a vinyl player is the main attraction.
Thong's favorite spot of the bar, interestingly, is not somewhere on the ground, but high up above. The ceiling is spread out with square copper pieces. Industrial style meets creativity and a sense of uniqueness from the owner. All hand-made.
Overview of the bar area.
Drinks are served by Thong & Giao directly. They are in charge of the coffee shop in the morning, while in the evening, stuffs will be handed over to the bartender for cocktails.
First guests are a group of friends, leisurely enjoy weekend vibes.
As night falls, warm cozy lights transform the bar into a fine nest for cocktail lovers enjoying a favorite drink.
A place to get lost.
A place to be found.
As lights on, your favorite music played, drinks well served, any foolish conversation can turn into poems, anyway.
Cocktails for the night.
Meet Binh - the bartender. Binh is an enthusiast drink-maker, a whisky lover. He is in charge of creating magic through exquisitely fine cocktails.
The drink, named "A Lab of Fire". What a drink it is for a photographer to get on fire!
A scene to recap my work. Love it so much!
MONIQUE is a boutique coffee shop - cocktail bar, lies exquisitely in a recreation complex in Thao Dien, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. The cafe-bar, run by the lovely couple: Thong & Giao, is meant to be a "home away from home" for those wanderlust souls or by-passers, who would like a drink, sit back cozily, chit chat with someone or simply enjoy moments on their own, with music and a book on hands.    

Monique - more than a coffee shop

Thong Vo
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Monique - more than a coffee shop
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