Sandra Chen Weinstein

Facets of India
Location: US, Taiwan
Nationality: USA /Taiwanese
Biography: Sandra's work focuses on documentary photography emphasizing social identity, culture, and minorities. Earlier projects include the Refugee in America, Facets of India etc. She has dedicated, long-term ongoing projects on the LGBTQA, women,... MORE
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Facets of India
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Updated May 2016
Location India
Topics Candid, Celebrations, Color, Community, Desert, Documentary, Editorial, Events, Faith, Ganges, Hinduism, India, People, Pilgrims, River, Spirituality, Street, Tradition, Travel

From river to desert, North to South, India presents a wondrous symphony of humanity and nature. This complex caste society celebrates it's religious heritage and shared cultural experience in a colorful mingling of ancient customs and modern experience. Sandra Chen Weinstein portrays the Indian people in their ritual and spiritual daily life. These images show the intensity and uniqueness of an ancient culture in modern times.

Sandra portrays people in their ritual, spiritual daily life and the rich Indian landscape. Her images show the struggles and hopes in a complex cast society show the struggles and hopes in a complex caste society especially for ordinary and lower caste Indian lives in a wide continent. 

Her ultimate goal is to illuminate the timeless human condition through her relationship to the subject, thus revealing the unguarded person and complex emotions at a moment in time.

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Sandra Chen Weinstein


Sandra Chen Weinstein / California, USA

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Sandra Chen Weinstein
Facets of India  by Sandra Chen Weinstein
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