Sandra Chen Weinstein

Location: US, Taiwan
Nationality: USA /Taiwanese
Biography: Sandra's work focuses on documentary photography emphasizing social identity, culture, and minorities. Earlier projects include the Refugee in America, Facets of India etc. She has dedicated, long-term ongoing projects on the LGBTQA, women,... MORE
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Updated May 2016
Location California, USA
Topics California, Community, Desert, Documentary, Editorial, Environmental, Landscape, Street

I spend a considerable amount of time driving across Southern California where these photographs are taken. My canvas ranges over modest suburbs, bustling cities, heavily industrialized and vast rural landscapes, dissected by quiet suburban avenues and interstate highways.

I am fascinated by urban greenery with its carefully manicured, symmetrical arrangements and the artifice of California's city-landscapes. The conflict between the ubiquitous desire for comfortable living, conservation of limited resources, and the impact of decaying ecology in our communities manifests itself in the collision of nature and artifice on every street corner and stretch of open road. This preserved nature speaks to me in silence and often I lose my thoughts within the isolation of an immense suburban landscape.

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