Sandra Chen Weinstein

Women of Arab Spring
Location: Lake Forest, California
Nationality: USA /Taiwanese
Biography: Sandra's work focuses on documentary photography emphasizing social identity, culture, and minorities. Earlier projects include the rich culture diversity in India. She has dedicated, long-term projects on the lives of women in the Middle... read on


Summary:   Exploring an intimate portrait of Arab women facing new changes in their tradition and faith.

Much attention has been brought to the youth of the Arab Spring. But, Arab women have been living behind hidden veil, and long been holding communities together and fighting steadfastly for their families and rights as a people.  These portraits of Arab women show their resilience and pride, celebrating their heritage while continuing the arduous struggle through the wave of changes.

 Through my lens, I have been able to document the intimate portraits in their natural state.  The women in these photographs show resilience, wisdom and empowerment.


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