Salwa Rashad

Visual Artist,Photographer
Intersections- in the labyrinth of Morocco
Location: Egypt, Alexandria
Nationality: Egyptian
Biography: Based in Alexandria, Egypt . Visual Artist graduated from Fine Arts, painting department . practise painting and photography. co editor of the non periodical Arabic publication " Amkenah "/ " places " which is concerned with... MORE
Public Story
Intersections- in the labyrinth of Morocco
Copyright Salwa Rashad 2023
Date of Work May 2013 - May 2013
Updated Sep 2018
Location Morocco
Topics Architecture, Black and White, Documentary, Film, Landscape, Photography, Portraiture, Street, Travel

How often can old cities conjure up in our minds initial questions about our existence, the historical depth that permeated our soul, About the colour of the red silt that is warm and intimate as a womb, about the hustle and bustle of children in narrow alleys. About the timid light on top of house walls and  roofs. About the smell of bread in the fresh early mornings, about the  coincidences and expectations we meet in our journeys . With our souls and hearts inside the scene and our bodies about to step out of it to wander in intersections          

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Intersections- in the labyrinth of Morocco  by Salwa Rashad
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