Salwa Rashad

Visual Artist,Photographer
beduins of Damietta
Location: Egypt, Alexandria
Nationality: Egyptian
Biography: Based in Alexandria, Egypt . Visual Artist graduated from Fine Arts, painting department . practise painting and photography. co editor of the non periodical Arabic publication " Amkenah "/ " places " which is concerned with... read on
Public Story
beduins of Damietta
Copyright Salwa Rashad 2022
Date of Work Mar 2008 - Nov 2008
Updated Sep 2018
Location damietta, Egypt
Living in the East side of the Delta, although they do own houses built with bricks and cement but they would rather live in tents and straw mats, one can mix them with Gypsies but they are quite different then Gypsies.  roaming the desert in search for grass and food for grazing cattle, sheep and camels. some even own lands but prefer not to settle in houses and get stuck in 4 walls .. there are around 70 tribes of Beduins  in Damietta each tribe has its own traditions and rules, many don't allow mixture between tribes , women or men can not marry from other tribes , but now a day all these rules has been changed and they do marry from farmers or from the city and some even chose to settle down live in houses and give their children a proper life and education and opportunity for a better job , and some others  still chose to roam the desert ..

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