Salwa Rashad

Visual Artist,Photographer
Stories In Costumes-Oumou Sy Fashion Show
Location: Egypt, Alexandria
Nationality: Egyptian
Biography: Based in Alexandria, Egypt . Visual Artist graduated from Fine Arts, painting department . practise painting and photography. co editor of the non periodical Arabic publication " Amkenah "/ " places " which is concerned with... MORE
Public Story
Stories In Costumes-Oumou Sy Fashion Show
Copyright Salwa Rashad 2023
Date of Work Sep 2007 - Sep 2007
Updated Oct 2018
Location Kastle, germany
Topics Arts, Design, Fashion, Photography, Travel
While attending the Documenta 12 Art show in Kassel, Germany in 2007, i had the chance to attend a fashion show for the amazing creative Senegal fashion designer OUMOU SY which was held in the Kassel train station. All the costumes were more of a contemporary art pieces. costumes made out of details from natural  materials, mixed with modern day used tools and materials. visually intriguing with all its details and different sources she uses in her costumes from textiles, compact discs, baskets, perfume bottles, feathers and raffia . mixing together the past and present of the african culture and history specially in Senegal. each of her designs tells a story behind in so much creativity and irony . 
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Stories In Costumes-Oumou Sy Fashion Show by Salwa Rashad
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