Javier Ramí­rez-Carril

San Juan Bautista
Location: Caracas, Venezuela.
Nationality: Venezuelan
Biography: Javier Ramírez-Carril  (1973) is a Venezuelan photojournalist. He was born in Venezuela where he remained until the age of 16, traveling to Buenos Aires Argentina, where he completed his studies in systems, he remained in this country... MORE
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San Juan Bautista
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Updated Jun 2021
Topics Celebrations, Documentary, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Religion, Street
In Venezuela, the celebration of San Juan coincides with the arrival of the rains, the night before, on the 23rd, the ornaments, altars that the saint occupies, are seen and to the rhythm of drums the Velorio de San Juan is performed. 

The “sanjuaneros” express their respect for the saint, walking the streets with joy and devotion, entering different houses of people who “pay promise” (they asked the saint for a miracle), the dances to the rhythm of the drum are given at each stop , the participants carry colored flags that they wave all the way.
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San Juan Bautista by Javier Ramírez-Carril
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