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Nothing out of the ordinary.
Location: Caracas, Venezuela.
Nationality: Venezuelan
Biography: Javier Ramírez-Carril  (1973) is a Venezuelan photojournalist. He was born in Venezuela where he remained until the age of 16, traveling to Buenos Aires Argentina, where he completed his studies in systems, he remained in this country... read on
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Nothing out of the ordinary.
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Updated 02/18/21

La Palomera. Baruta. Caracas. Venezuela October 12, 2019.
Today I got to know "La Palomera", an abandoned house located in the Baruta Municipality of the city of Caracas. This place, although it is true that it is a structure abused by the passage of time, it is also true that serves as a cultural center destined to replicate within its few walls the sound of traditional Venezuelan music, to host the dancing movements of anonymous talents, resounding the notes of vintage jazz, percuss the beat of the drums and make room for the vibrant steps of the drum dance that leave everyone exhausted until it is time to taste the sancocho that heralds the end of the show. Because that was the meeting, a true show and of the best quality, where the only negative element that I got was the lack of financial support that it suffers from to make it possible to spread it at other levels.

Nothing out of the ordinary, that's how this event was called, which added its eighth meeting thanks to the organization of the community in joint work with the people of the educational program: Caracas Integration Process, regularly known by its acronym (IPC), whose team multidisciplinary makes it possible to have samples of talent and culture in various areas of the capital.

At sunset, and at the end of the afternoon, on one of the half walls of the place, a video was projected on what was happening on the site, while several of the children present stood below the image to admire what was happening to your surroundings. There is no doubt that they like these activities, that they feel they are involved and protagonists. There is no doubt that this should not be something extraordinary, it should be something common, every day. There is no doubt that they deserve to live between dances and smiles daily - I thought - while at the microphone the voice of Cheo Carvajal, representative of the community, invited us to enjoy the environment, to rescue our traditions and identities, and if necessary create new ones. . To include ourselves in this project, to make us feel at home, to be part of a proposal that, having art as the driving force, lifts a house, a society or a country from the ruins. It made me feel possible.

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