Javier Ramí­rez-Carril

23 de Enero Carnivals
Location: Caracas, Venezuela.
Nationality: Venezuelan
Biography: Javier Ramírez-Carril  (1973) is a Venezuelan photojournalist. He was born in Venezuela where he remained until the age of 16, traveling to Buenos Aires Argentina, where he completed his studies in systems, he remained in this country... MORE
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23 de Enero Carnivals
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Updated Feb 2021
Topics 23 de enero, Caracas, Carnivals, Fest, Venezuela
In the neighborhood "23 de Enero", in Caracas, Venezuela, young people from the community take a tour to entertain the children of the community for the carnivals. These youth are also creators of community farming systems and teach children how to create sustainable food systems.

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Javier Ramírez-Carril

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Javier Ramírez-Carril / Venezuela,Miranda,Caracas, Baruta, La palomera
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