Omar Havana

Photographer / Based in Brussels, Belgium

Omar Havana, 1975 Granada, Spain. Spanish Freelance Photojournalist. Based in Brussels, Belgium. Previously based in France 2017-2021, Nepal 2014-2015 and Cambodia 2008 - 2014 ; 2015-2017. Omar has worked as a professional... read on
Focus: Photographer, Photojournalist, Journalist, Advertising, Editor, Health, Politics, Travel, Sports, Business, Documentary, News, Creative, Creative Director, Photography, Portraiture, Events, Culture, Director of Photography, International News, Arts & Culture, Freelance, Marketing, Humanitarian, Life, Assignments, Commercial, Visual Communications , Human Rights, International, Copyrights, Commercials, Digital Editor, Magazine, Editorial, Publications, Publishing, Newspapers, Editing, Storyteller, Visual Artist, Climate, Advocacy, Content Manager, Feature Journalist, Sports Journalism, Entertainment Journalism, Digital Journalism, Photo Coordinator, Special Projects, Photography Manger, Feature Stories, Audio Visuals, Still Photographer, Studio Photographer, Sports/Action, Portrait Photography, Breaking News, Associate Director of Photography, Associate Photo Editor, Corporate, Reportage, Creator, Visual Journalist, Visual Storyteller
Skills: Research, Sports, Photo Editing, Photojournalism, Retouching, Film Photography, Marketing