Ofir Berman

Children of Mea Shearim
Location: Israel
Nationality: Israeli
Biography: Ofir Berman (b. 1991) is a documentary photographer currently based in Tel Aviv, Israel. She focuses on humanitarian, cultural and social stories.
Public Story
Children of Mea Shearim
Credits: ofir berman
Updated: 09/27/20
The neighborhood of 'Mea Shearim' is a living and breathing relic of the Jewish communities that were destroyed in their countries of origin. It is populated by ultra-Orthodox Jews and was built in 1874 by members of the Old Yeshiva. 
Just walking distance from the center of Jerusalem - and you reach another world that seems to have frozen in time.

In 2017, my curiosity led me to document the Jewish culture and religion in Mea Shearim, mainly focusing on the lives of the ultra-Orthodox children.