Ofir Berman

Children of Mea Shearim
Location: Israel
Nationality: Israeli
Biography: Ofir Berman is a documentary photographer currently based in Tel Aviv, Israel. She focuses on humanitarian, cultural and social stories.
Public Story
Children of Mea Shearim
Credits: ofir berman
Updated: 02/22/21
The series focuses on ultra-Orthodox children who grow up in "Mea Shearim" neighborhood in Jerusalem, Israel.

As a Jew living in Israel, my desire to explore the different streams of Judaism around me has grown over time, especially as the contrast and tension between the secular and the religious in the country is so great.
Mea Shearim is completely detached from the outside world, as the use of technology is prohibited and contact with secular people is almost non-existent.

The children represent their culture and religion in a natural and genuine way, through traditional Jewish holidays and everyday life.