Ofir Berman

In the Name of God (coming soon)
Location: Israel
Nationality: Israeli
Biography: Ofir Berman  is an Israeli documentary photographer whose work focuses on social and cultural issues and in particular society's youth and adolescence. Her work gives an intimate view of people living within the fringes of society. A... read on
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In the Name of God (coming soon)
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Updated 06/30/21
Location lesvos
"We were so scared, we thought our lives were over. Everybody collected what they could and ran quickly to the forest. We spent the night there frightened without food or water״ says Mahboobhe, a 12-year-old Afghan refugee.

On the night of September 8, 2020, a fire broke out in Moria, the largest refugee camp located on the Greek island of Lesbos. The fire destroyed the vast majority of the camp and left tens of thousands of refugees in the middle of the chaos, forced to flee to the nearby forests while leaving all their personal belongings behind.  

Between the ruins, there is life and memories that symbolize a never-ending journey.