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Women on the frontiers of hunger
Location: Peru
Nationality: Peruvian
Biography: Leslie is a photographer and reporter based in Peru. Her work explores topics from an ethnographic and a documentary perspective. She focuses on stories related to social justice, environment and identity. She is a graduated communicator with a... MORE
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Women on the frontiers of hunger
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Updated Jan 2023
Location Lima, Peru
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A group of peruvian women is voluntarily in charge of addressing one of the biggest problems of the crisis due to covid-19: hunger in the most vulnerable sectors of the capital of Lima, in Peru. The women organized in “ollas comunes” -community-led soup kitchens- in informality without a specific record on their ranges or their storage capacity. These women have a greater responsibility. They should take care not only of their families but of others. According to the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, latin women dedicate three times as much time on unpaid care work than men prior to the pandemic, an effort that almost always impacts people who are in poverty.
Un grupo de mujeres peruanas se encarga voluntariamente de uno de los mayores problemas de la crisis ocasionada por el COVID-19: el hambre en los sectores más vulnerables de la ciudad de Lima, en Perú. Las mujeres se organizan en “ollas comunes”, un sistema que funciona en la informalidad, sin un registro específico sobre su alcance o su capacidad de almacenamiento. Aquí estas mujeres tienen una mayor responsabilidad. Deben cuidar no solo de sus familias sino de los demás. Según la Comisión Económica para América Latina y el Caribe, las mujeres latinas dedican tres veces más tiempo al trabajo de cuidados no remunerado que los hombres antes de la pandemia, un esfuerzo que casi siempre impacta a las personas en situación de pobreza.

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Women on the frontiers of hunger by Leslie Moreno Custodio
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