Leslie Moreno Custodio

The wounds of an indigenous woman
Location: Peru
Nationality: Peruvian
Biography: Leslie is a photographer and reporter based in Peru. Her work explores topics from an ethnographic and a documentary perspective. She focuses on stories related to social justice, environment and identity. She is a graduated communicator with a... MORE
Public Story
The wounds of an indigenous woman
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Updated Jan 2023
Location Cusco, Peru
Topics Documentary, Health/Healing, Human Rights, Latin America, Photography, Portraiture, Pregnancy/Birth, Reportage, Still life, Womens Rights

Commission for Salud con lupa 

Eulogia Guzmán is a farmer from Cusco, when she was in labor in a health center, she suffered abuse that generated irreversible damage to her son, which eventually led to his death. In 2020 the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights will present a final case report to the peruvian State. Her file is the first one examined as a cause of obstetric violence in this instance.
Eulogia Guzmán es una agricultora cusqueña. Durante su parto en un centro de salud sufrió maltratos que generaron daños irreversibles a su hijo, los cuales a la larga lo llevaron a la muerte. En 2020 la CIDH presentará al Estado peruano un informe final sobre el caso. Su expediente es el primero que se examina como una causa de violencia obstétrica en esta instancia.
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The wounds of an indigenous woman by Leslie Moreno Custodio
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